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Israel and USA Pact on Syria Denied

A senior figure in the US Department of Defence (DOD), speaking under conditions of anonymity, today categorically  denied that the US and Israel had reached

September 20, 2015 International
USgayAmbassador 0

Australian PM Reluctant to Shake Hand with the American Ambassdor

Federal Opposition leader Tony Abbott has defended comments he made about homosexuality, saying gays and lesbians “challenge” the order of things and he “probably felt

December 01, 2014 Australia, International, Politics
Poverty 0

The Republicans Want to Reduce American Poverty

Many average voters, and especially minorities and suburban women, assume that Democrats care more for disadvantaged Americans than Republicans do. It is a myth that

November 01, 2014 Politics
MuslimBrotherhood 0

Muslim Brotherhood Planning to Take Over USA

It has been reported from the Middle-East that Muslim Brotherhood is planning to take over USA. It may lead to a dictatorship and Sharia law.

January 29, 2013 Politics
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Is There Corruption in Afghanistan?

No, there is no corruption according to some politicians in Afghanistan. To please the donors, President Karzai is expected to outline new anti-corruption and accountability

July 07, 2012 International, Politics
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Julian Assange of Wikileaks Kidnapped – Updated

It has been reported that Julian Assange has been kidnapped from his London home. No one appears to know the whereabouts of Assange and rumours

June 14, 2012 Australia, International, Politics
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