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China?s President Xi Jinping is introduced by Australia's Prime Minister Tony Abbott to members of parliament after he spoke at Parliament House in Canberra 0

A New Free Trade Agreement Between China and Australia Allows China to Gradually Buy all of Tasmania

After nearly a decade of intense negotiations, Australia has signed a free-trade agreement (FTA) with China. Prime Minister Tony Abbott has noted that the FTA

June 06, 2015 Australia, International, Politics
Obama_Jan2013 0

IMF, China and EU are Preparing to Bail Out USA

IMF, China and EU are expecting USA to apply for international financial assistance when the Republicans refuse to pass the debt limit legislation in mid-October.

June 10, 2013 Politics
G8-2 0

G7 and G8 to Replace Canada, Italy and France

Two of the most important international groupings of the largest economies are called G7 and G8. G7 currently includes the seven countries Canada, France, Germany,

August 08, 2012 India, International, Politics 0

USA Negotiating Sale of Alaska to Reduce Debt

President Obama has presented a new proposal to raise revenue and reduce the deficit. The proposal has garnered bipartisan support, something rare in Washington these

August 06, 2012 Politics
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