ACTU Keen to Follow Walmart in Allowing All Employees Social Media breaks

ACTU representing the Australian has been following developments at Walmart; the biggest in the world. Walmart has a booming online business that has more than

December 01, 2014 Australia, General, International
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New Research in France Develops GM Crops that Grow Cooked Vegetables

With an ever increasing global population, massive developing world hunger, and with an estimation that a child dies for every two seconds world wide from

December 01, 2014 General, International, Science
Ctrl-Alt-Delete 0

Microsoft Recognises its Major Invention since Microsoft was Established

Microsoft has announced a number of awards that recognize its major innovations. Ctl-alt-del has been given the coveted Microsoft prize for the most important innovation

December 01, 2014 General, International, Science
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Research Finds that Dumb People Need to be Intelligent to Know that they are Dumb

Research finds that dumb people need to be intelligent to know that they are dumb. A highly respected research group in USA has discovered the

December 01, 2014 General, International, Science
Tales From The Drought Water For Quarters 0

A Prominent Scientist Claims American Drought is Because of Lack of Water

Areas of southwestern Oregon and California continue to experience drought conditions. “It’s something I’ve never seen in my career, and I’ve been here for more

December 01, 2014 General
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Republicans Don’t Want the Presidency in 2016

On winning majority in both Congress and the Senate, in a closed door meeting of all Republican members of the Congress and the Senate recently

November 10, 2014 Politics
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The Republicans Want to Reduce American Poverty

Many average voters, and especially minorities and suburban women, assume that Democrats care more for disadvantaged Americans than Republicans do. It is a myth that

November 01, 2014 Politics
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An Ivy League University in the USA Recalls 99 Graduates

An Ivy League university on the East Coast of USA has issued a recall for some 2012 graduates who were educated at the university from

August 11, 2013 General
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Indian Company Infosys to Establish an Outsourcing Center on Mars

It has been rumoured that an Indian company Infosys is planning to establish a branch of the outsourcing company on Mars. Given the news and

August 10, 2013 General, India, International
Voters 0

Australia Forces Every Voter to Vote in a Most Boring Election; Those Who Don’t will be Fined

Politics can be boring for some of the people. With the Australian election around the corner on 7 September, people have no enthusiasm for it.

August 09, 2013 Australia, Politics
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