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Medical Emergency

A man walks into a hospital emergency ward with cuts and bruises on his head. The doctor examines him and asks him “how did you

May 08, 2012 True Short News
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Einstein – The Genius?

Albert Einstein was married twice (once to his cousin) and cheated on both of his wives with about 10 different women. After marrying his first

May 08, 2012 True Short News
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Promote Employees Randomly?

Mathematician Alessadro Pluchino and his team at the University of Catania used a game theory approach to demonstrate that companies are more efficient when workers

May 08, 2012 True Short News
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Study discovers that there are Few Cars on the Road on Sunday Mornings

A keen teenager, Wayne Jackson, is determined to become a top transport engineer and as part of his preparation to study transport engineering he has

May 08, 2012 General, Science
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