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Stranger Than Fiction – Don’t Forget to Come back to Work

The Indian government has sacked a civil servant who went on leave in 1990 and never came back to work. Urban development minister M Venkaiah

January 10, 2015 General, India, True Short News
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Stranger than Fiction — A Golf Ball Detector Finds Bombs

The 57-year-old former policeman James McCormick claims to have designed a bomb detector. He has made huge sums of money by selling more than $40

August 06, 2013 True Short News
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Number of Flies in Every Public Toilet Must Not Exceed Two

Flies in public toilets in Beijing may be making them unusable. It is because of new cleanliness standards which require that Beijing’s public toilets must

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Drunken Man Rides a Monster Crocodile

A man had to undergo surgery after he drunkenly broke into a Broome (North-West Australia) reptile park last July and jumped on the back of

June 09, 2012 Australia, True Short News
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A Bright Moon Can be Scary

Police in Hertfordshire, south of London, were stunned after a man called saying: “There’s something flying over our house, it’s coming towards me now, with

May 10, 2012 True Short News 0

Don’t Play with a Gun

An Arizona resident Joshua Seto, 27, was carrying his fiancee’s pistol in the front waistband of his pants during a jaunt to Fry’s Food Store

May 08, 2012 True Short News
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Medical Emergency

A man walks into a hospital emergency ward with cuts and bruises on his head. The doctor examines him and asks him “how did you

May 08, 2012 True Short News
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Einstein – The Genius?

Albert Einstein was married twice (once to his cousin) and cheated on both of his wives with about 10 different women. After marrying his first

May 08, 2012 True Short News 0

Promote Employees Randomly?

Mathematician Alessadro Pluchino and his team at the University of Catania used a game theory approach to demonstrate that companies are more efficient when workers

May 08, 2012 True Short News
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