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Stranger Than Fiction – Men are Bigger Idiots than Women

A team of British researchers from Newcastle University  claim to have discovered that men are bigger idiots than women. The researchers decided to test the

December 19, 2014 General, International, Science
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New Research in France Develops GM Crops that Grow Cooked Vegetables

With an ever increasing global population, massive developing world hunger, and with an estimation that a child dies for every two seconds world wide from

December 01, 2014 General, International, Science
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Microsoft Recognises its Major Invention since Microsoft was Established

Microsoft has announced a number of awards that recognize its major innovations. Ctl-alt-del has been given the coveted Microsoft prize for the most important innovation

December 01, 2014 General, International, Science
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Research Finds that Dumb People Need to be Intelligent to Know that they are Dumb

Research finds that dumb people need to be intelligent to know that they are dumb. A highly respected research group in USA has discovered the

December 01, 2014 General, International, Science
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Tom Cruise Volunteers to Go To Mars to Meet Aliens

Tom Cruise has volunteered to go to Mars since he believes in aliens and would like to meet one. At the Moscow premiere of his

April 04, 2013 General, Science
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Obesity and Hoarding Junk is Making the Earth Heavier

A number of scientists in USA, Europe and Australia have been estimating the total weight of the planet Earth and they have now concluded that

September 08, 2012 General, Science
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Nuclear Powered Invasion of Mars Condemned

With the arrival of the nuclear powered NASA’s Curiosity Rover on Mars, most Martians are upset that such a vehicle should invade their planet. The

August 12, 2012 General, Science
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Physics is to Become More Difficult

Everyone knows physics is difficult. It appears that it is going to become even more difficult. Physics is difficult because it involves a variety of

July 07, 2012 General, Science
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Overpopulation in Australia is Responsible for Water Shortages

Although many people believe that Australia is sparsely populated, some environmental scientists are concerned about overpopulation of gum trees in the country. There are more

June 23, 2012 Australia, Science
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Republican Party Condemns Random Surveys as Unscientific

Many people believe that one of the useful things the Federal Government does for the nation is produce useful information. Most people believe that the

June 14, 2012 Politics, Science
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