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Sacked Top Gear Host Jeremy Clarkson Moves to Australia

The controversial Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson has been sacked by the BBC. Given that Clarkson is highly popular, he has been offered a job by Channel

June 23, 2015 Australia, General
China?s President Xi Jinping is introduced by Australia's Prime Minister Tony Abbott to members of parliament after he spoke at Parliament House in Canberra 0

A New Free Trade Agreement Between China and Australia Allows China to Gradually Buy all of Tasmania

After nearly a decade of intense negotiations, Australia has signed a free-trade agreement (FTA) with China. Prime Minister Tony Abbott has noted that the FTA

June 06, 2015 Australia, International, Politics
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Are There any Vegetarians in India?

Australia and India are playing a series of cricket matches in Australia. The matches are managed by the Australian Cricket Board (ACB). It has been

December 22, 2014 Australia, India, International
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Australian PM Reluctant to Shake Hand with the American Ambassdor

Federal Opposition leader Tony Abbott has defended comments he made about homosexuality, saying gays and lesbians “challenge” the order of things and he “probably felt

December 01, 2014 Australia, International, Politics

ACTU Keen to Follow Walmart in Allowing All Employees Social Media breaks

ACTU representing the Australian has been following developments at Walmart; the biggest in the world. Walmart has a booming online business that has more than

December 01, 2014 Australia, General, International
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Australia Forces Every Voter to Vote in a Most Boring Election; Those Who Don’t will be Fined

Politics can be boring for some of the people. With the Australian election around the corner on 7 September, people have no enthusiasm for it.

August 09, 2013 Australia, Politics
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Australian Bogans Popular Amongst Women in UK and USA

The Australian term bogan is a term often used for an individual who is recognized to be from an unsophisticated background. Bogans usually have limited

August 06, 2013 Australia, General
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Prime Ministers of Australia and NZ are Not Very Happy

An excerpt from a confidential US Government memorandum which was quoted by the British newspaper Guardian states that the USA and its National Security Agency

July 28, 2013 Australia, International, Politics
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Stranger than Fiction – An Aspiring Australian PM Claims that Wendy Deng is a Chinese Spy

Aspiring Australian Prime Minister and an Australian tycoon Clive Palmer has accused Rupert Murdoch’s ex-wife Wendy Deng of being a Chinese spy who had been

April 05, 2013 Australia, Politics
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NZ Boat Refugees to be Turned Back, Australian Government Announces

New Zealand is going through a difficult time. Two strong earthquakes, one measuring 6.6 and then a 5.7,  hit central New Zealand recently, sending Wellington

February 06, 2013 Australia, Politics
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