A senior figure in the US Department of Defence (DOD), speaking under conditions of anonymity, today categorically  denied that the US and Israel had reached an agreement on tactics on the Syrian insurgency. The official said the suggestion  that in exchange for Israel’s serious engagement in a new Middle East peace process, the US had been asked to  agree not to arm the Syrian insurgents was totally untrue.

The official noted that it was true that Israel wants to see the over-throw of the Assad  regime, official said, however, they are absolutely terrified of having a militant Islamic state with modern weapons right on their door step. According to the official, the US President, having repaired the US economy and introduced a national health scheme, while determined to add a major international diplomatic coup to his laurels, and reluctantly had rejected the proposal. The official said imagine how history will paint him if he can also solve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. It might be worth a second Nobel Prize!.

The Garlic pointed out that the new Secretary of State has made three trips to the Middle East since his appointment, the official pointed out that a number of meetings with Israel’s government have occurred. When the Garlic pointed out that these trips had received little publicity, the official responded that there was no reason to publicise the visits.

The official conceded that Israel has made a number of press statements expressing concern about Syrian armed activity on the Golan Heights, using ambiguous language that fails to identify the forces involved. Reading the press, its not easy to see who the Israeli’s are blaming. Furthermore the US is taking a very cautious approach to claims that Assaad has used chemical weapons.

The official conceded that an agreement between USA and Israel would have enormous benefits to all concerned. In fact, it would be hard to imagine a better agreement. Just think! Isreali’s would avoid a well-armed Islamic state appearing on their door-step. Obama would get a major diplomatic coup, restarting the Israelis-Palestinian peace process. In addition, the Palestinians would have a chance to achieve statehood, under terms which protected Israelis sovereignty. On top of that, the US would avoid arming Al Qieda affiliates in Syria, and possibly, the need for another land invasions in Arabia.