After nearly a decade of intense negotiations, Australia has signed a free-trade agreement (FTA) with China.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott has noted that the FTA deal is expected to open up billions of dollars in new markets for Australian exporters. But not everyone is welcoming the agreement. Some people have commented that China is giving Australia nothing. The text of the FTA has not been released to the public. The Greens have come out against the deal.

One of thegarlic reporters has managed to get access to the FTA and the notes made by the Chinese government. The notes appear to suggest that one of the major aims of China in signing the FTA is to gradually buy significant land parcels in Australia. They wish to acquire most of Tasmania over the next 50 years since their bid to buy Alaska failed 2-3 years ago. Also, it has been reported that the Chinese love the new Tasmanian museum MONA and would love to acquire it. Tasmania is the 26th largest island in the world and it has 334 surrounding islands. Tasmania’s area is 68,401 square kilometers (26,410 sq miles), of which the main island covers more than 90%. Acquiring Tasmania and surrounding islands would also mean that China would not have to worry about islands in the South China sea.